Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy 

  1. Beauty Wagon requires a 24 hour notice period if you wish to cancel or re-schedule your appointment. If less than 24 hours is given the client will be required to pay 50% of the treatment(s) booked. 

  2. Cancellation fees should be paid within 2 hours via bank transfer

  3. Failure to pay a cancellation fee will result in no further bookings and any future appointments will be cancelled.

  4. If you have cancelled a appointment with less than 24 hours notice, on booking future appointments you will asked to pay a 50% deposit.

  5. If you need to reschedule your appointment and more than 24hours notice has been given then this is not a problem, however if you then have to cancel or reschedule a second time in a row you will not be allowed to do so without losing your deposit and having to pay 50% of the treatment price for the next appointment (this will be lost if you cancel a third time).
    If you choose to reschedule you will have 28 days to do so from the day you cancelled, if a appointment is not made within this time frame your deposit will be lost.


  1. Treatments such as waxing and facials require my beauty couch, therefore I need to be in a room to facilitate the correct set up. I am unable to proceed with these treatments on clients furniture such as a  sofa or a bed as it is not effective and I also need to ensure that I am working in a safe manner.

  2. Nails-I do not remove other salons/ therapists work. If you have Acrylic/Gel/SNS or any other kind of overlay on your nails this will need to be removed before your appointment with myself.

  3. Microblading-I do not do correctional work if you have had your brows done elsewhere and you are not happy, I advise you to see a technician that specialises in correctional work. I may also refuse to do yearly top-ups for clients if your brows are still heavily saturated with pigment. 

  4. CONSULTATIONS- All clients will be required to fill out a consultation form and COVID-19 questionnaire at least 24 hours before appointment, if this has not been returned back at least 2 hours before the appointment, the treatment will be unable to go ahead.


Health conditions/ Age 

  1. Beauty Wagon requires all clients to disclose any health problems/ medical conditions at the time of booking, this includes pregnancy. It is vital we have all the correct information as certain treatments cannot be performed or may have to be adapted in some way. 

  2. Beauty wagon requires all clients to fill out a consultation form on your first appointment, if for any reason you wish to not fill out the information required the treatment will not go ahead, and you will be required to pay the full treatment(s) price. 

  3. The client accepts responsibility to inform Beauty Wagon of any medical/lifestyle changes, including pregnancy. Beauty Wagon will not be held responsible for any issues that may occur during a treatment. It is the clients responsibility to inform us of any new information if this is not declared, Beauty Wagon will not be held liable. 

  4. Treatments are only carried out on persons over the age of 18 years. 

  5. Microblading is only carried out on persons 18 and over. You can not be pregnant or breastfeeding, you also can not be on any blood thinning medication. No children or extra bodies are allowed during a microblading treatment this is due to sanitation regulations. Microblading can not be performed as a mobile treatment. The appointment will take place in my studio BR1 1QX.


Mobile Service/ Parking 

  1. Please ensure that there is a room available for the treatment with minimal obstacles, so that the treatment can be carried out effectively and efficiently. 

  2. Please be advised if access to a flat/apartment is via stairs without the use of a lift, it may not be possible to carry out the appointment where heavy equipment is needed (i.e. couch) and therefore the treatment may not be able to go ahead.

  3. Beauty Wagon requires parking in close proximity to the property, if this is not available, treatments may not be able to go ahead, A lot of heavy equipment is transported and unfortunately I am unable to carry this to the property from a neighbouring street etc. (Any help from clients regarding transportation of equipment is strictly prohibited due to insurance purposes).

  4. Please inform on time of booking if there are parking restrictions, if so the client will be required to pay for this.

  5. If you live in a area where parking restrictions are enforced, it is the clients responsibility to give Beauty Wagon clear instructions on which street/ roads are accessible for long term parking.  

  6. Mobile services cover selected SE & BR3 postcodes. If you live in another postal code please get in touch, however a travel fee may be included. If a fee is included discounts will not be applied to treatments.


Patch Test 

  1. Beauty Wagon requires each client to have a patch test before their first tinting treatment with us, A test is required a minimum of 48 hours before either Lash/ brow tint, LVL Lash treatment/ Brow Lamination and Microblading.  Without a patch test these treatments cannot be performed. 

  2. Patch tests reduce the risk of a reaction occurring, however does not eliminate the possibility.



  1. All clients will be required to pay a £10 non-refundable deposit to secure. This is to be made via bank transfer, the deposit will be deducted from your total treatment cost at your appointment.

  2. Deposits need to be made within a two hour time frame to secure appointment.

  3. Full payment is be required in full prior or immediately upon completion of your treatment.

  4. Beauty Wagon accepts only bank transfer.

  5. Deposits have to be paid via bank transfer, the remainder of the treatment price will be required on the day of treatment.

  6. If you are purchasing any products placed from Beauty Wagon, payment will be required at the time of you placing your order.

  7. All deposits made are non-refundable.




  1. Discounts cannot be used in      conjunction with another discount.

  2. It is one discount on the total value of the overall treatment(s).

  3. If a travel fee is incurred, discounts on treatments will not be given and the full price of the treatment will be expected.

  4. Discounts are excluded on Microblading treatments,

  5. A party of three or more persons discounts will be applied accordingly.

  6. Multiple treatments will not necessarily incur a discount.

  7. Discount codes will be required on booking treatment for them to apply.


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